It's me.



It's me.



"Have courage. Be kind. People Matter."


Hi there. I'm Casey Hall.

You could call me a constant wonderer, a hopeless wanderer, a true creative, a jack-of-all-trades, or even a kid-at-heart. 

I'm fascinated with the creative process and I love seeing fantastical ideas come to fruition.  

Over the years, I've managed to dabble in the each of the creative arts, whether through dance, theatre, music, or art.   

However, none have kept my focus more than music + photography. 

By trade, I'm actually a full-time music teacher in South Atlanta where I get to share my love for the creative arts with my elementary school students.

The decision to pursue photography as a second career has been an exciting adventure!

My photography business started during college and I've been developing my craft over the years by working with many wonderful and creative clients.  

I find myself constantly evolving and changing and see evidence of this within my work.

I love adventures, making new friends, and creating beautiful memories. 

So, hi.

Please drop me a line. I look forward to helping you capture all of the beautiful moments life has to offer.